The web supports a variety of ways to communicate a message, empower a business, or shape the public face of an organization, event, or individual. PPWW uses the web to create effective, attractive solutions for each client. We think of it as shaping your web presence, a responsibility we take seriously on your behalf.

The services we offer during website creation are typically comprehensive and may vary depending on each project’s needs.

  • SEO — search-engine optimization
  • content — editing and original writing
  • images — retouching, cropping, compositing, slideshows
  • graphics — logo art, logotype, animations
  • video editing
  • social media integration
  • valuable intangibles and perspective

Examples of our websites

for island clients

for mainland projects via our sister business, External Design

“We don’t need a website.”

If you’re sure, we won’t try to convince you. But think of it this way: in these times, what does it say to potential customers when they discover you don’t have a website?

An ad in The Yellow Pages used to be required. Now, instead, it’s having a website, and a surprising number of people have grown reluctant to make voice calls.

Without a website, you’re making it harder for new business and new audiences to find you.

More than that, there is nothing like the web for the power it gives to carefully craft every impression you make. In the right hands, it’s a powerful tool in your arsenal and should not be ignored.


  • Reduce your most common general-inquiry and support calls by putting that information online.
  • A website can help shape your project’s public perception.
  • Not having a website may convey a questionable impression.
  • Being online dramatically expands your potential audience.
  • A good website developer can help you through the process while respecting your ownership and any concerns specific to your project and your audience.