Pan-Pacific Web Works is the business presence on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi of Marlin Ouverson, primarily focusing on website design and development.* This business is here to serve the web needs of communities and businesses in our home state and throughout the Pacific.

Oʻahu is home to our ohana of friends, colleagues, clients, and, until recently, family. But we look forward to serving our neighbor islands and nations throughout Pacific Oceania.

PPWW is closely allied with Marlin’s longstanding External Design for other types of development and design services.

Our specialty is creating a web presence that captures the essence of a company, person, message, or project and communicates it well to the intended audience.

With a Nod to Auntie Anita

Anita Wimberly Ouverson was once married to my uncle, a man of some mystery and much affection in our family. Anita was an intelligent, articulate, and strong woman. She lived high on the slopes of the Punchbowl, overlooking Honolulu. She was a real-estate agent and arbitrator, and a practitioner at the Centers for Spiritual Living.

I was a long-self-employed editor and web developer in Southern California when we reconnected. Upon learning of my background, auntie proposed working together. She was convinced we could provide real value to businesses across Oʻahu and the neighbor islands. Her plan, I believe, was driven by her many interests and a natural drive to stay involved and to contribute good things to the world.

Photo: Anita Wimberly Ouverson riding horseback, apparently wearing pearls. Circa 1955.

One consolation, on Anita’s passing, was that she was excited, engaged, and looking forward to so much. But we never got to work together; I took too long wrapping up loose ends and booking my last flight from the mainland.

Even so, over the years, a number of fine firms in Hawaiʻi approached us for web design and development. We’re grateful for their trust and we will continue working hard to deserve it from our new clients — whether they find us at External Design or at Pan-Pacific Web Works.

From our windward office, we think of auntie Anita every time our Oʻahu ohana grows.

Aloha, auntie, mahalo nui…

“Pan Pacific”?

Without a doubt, Anita would have liked our business to serve the far horizons in addition to our local community. We’re certainly used to serving clients across many time zones, and she didn’t believe in limiting oneself.

It’s true, we are based on Oʻahu. And, at this time, all our non-mainland clients are in Hawaiʻi, too. But anyone in Pacific Oceania can be the first to change this… just introduce yourself.