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Medical-science professional association

The American Society for Exosomes and Microvesicles (ASEMV) is an association of researchers in the bio-sciences. Their particular field is yielding new knowledge of special importance in medicine. Representing the collective talent of world-leading experts and institutions, ASEMV approached us for support services relating to their core mission and activities.

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The lives of world-class academics and researchers are filled with important science, writing grants, collaborations, and conferences. Having a website had grown critical to the work of ASEMV but designing, creating, and maintaining one was not going to get the focus and particular expertise it required and deserved.

They needed someone who could discern the information needs and aesthetic tastes of their intelligent, international audience and deliver both a refined, subdued design and ongoing maintenance. We were quite pleased when one of our existing clients grew aware of their needs and referred them to us.

What we did for this association website

  • Logotype to complement existing logo art.
  • Animated, simple conceptual art relevant to the subject matter.
  • New information architecture to accommodate a growing body of content related to association activities.
  • Provide related support services and limited technical support, in addition to managed WordPress web hosting.
  • Short slideshows and graphics promoting attendance at the association’s conferences, working groups, and other activities.
  • Editing and adapting content from steering committee members, and communicating with volunteers, to ensure optimal effectiveness on the website.
  • Coordinate with and advise the group’s director on related matters.

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