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Blue Water Glass

Blue Water Glass designs and installs high-end glass. Think of the storefronts of luxury retailers in Waikiki. Or consider the dreamily exclusive, private island residences with custom requirements and perfection in every detail. This website had to make it clear: BWG Hawaii is very different from the average, corner glass shop.

Visit them: BWGHawaii.com


Fortunately, the owner of Blue Water Glass had photographs of much of its work. We chose a design based on those images. Like most websites should, it places the focus on the company message, not on the site design. They also had an interesting logo that adapted well to the web and, especially, to our new use of it on the new home page.

We also provided much of the text. There are good reasons to include text even when the images are doing most of the talking:

  • Search engines use a web page’s text to help determine its rankings in search results.
  • Some people learn best from images, others learn best from words. In web design, there is no need to neglect either kind of person, because anyone could become a customer.
  • Not all prospective customers know the industry’s common lingo, and seeing the terminology in use helps them communicate well with the client.

What we did for this commercial glass company website:

  • Organize the content and main menu by the types of work their target audience typically wants to see.
  • Scale, crop, and retouch photographs to help them represent the company well and achieve a certain visual consistency on the website.
  • Create a modern kind of splash page that makes the company name memorable and symbolizes its work product.
  • Manually edit client’s logo vector art.
  • Devise and install search-engine optimizations (SEO). Like many, this client does not rely on search results. But we still believe it makes sense to take advantage of all opportunities as we’re building a web page. To that end, we typically include basic SEO and can arrange for more detailed work as desired.

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